Having hard times with minimizing your costs?

Need tracking & tracing shipments?

Cannot afford expensive TMS solution?

  • Trexfast for shippers

    With Trexfast you get the lowest rates and reduce shipping costs. Compare modes and carriers before you ship. Automatically audit carrier invoices against contracted rates and Bill of Lading to ensure accurate charges. Over all Trexfast easily integrates with your existing ERP within a couple days

  • Trexfast for carriers

    Easily manage administration and planning. Follow up on orders and invoicing process. Trexfast is highly modular and can easily be adjusted to meet specific requirements of a transportation business. With Trexfast you get a real-time access to all available information: a quick overview of ongoing orders, new offers, fleet availability and much more.

  • Trexfast for 3PLs

    Having information at their fingertips, about rates, capacity and carrier viability makes top producing 3PLs smarter than the competition. With powerful analytics tools to evaluate historical rates and industry trends easily available, they maximize their profit on every load.

  • Trexfast for freight forwarders

    Trexfast gives freight forwarders the tools and workflow to automate the right processes while sharing data easily with partners and agents, thereby bringing visibility and simplicity to a very complex world. As a cloud-based solution, Trexfast helps clients ensure that shipments depart and arrive on time

What is trexfast

Trexfast is transportation management platform to track & trace shipments, handle finances and cooperate with global and local partners.

  • Track & trace shipments

    Get information about your shipments instantly

  • Progress notifications

    Stay tuned for real time progress of your team

  • Easy user experience

    Take actions and make decisions easier with clear User experience design of Trexfast

  • Team navigation

    Stay aware of your team online actions.

How it works

Easy to start

Instead of complex and costly implementation Trexfast offers easy and fast start in just a few steps


Lift your business up to the cloud!


Architectured for success

Our experience

Trexfast team has a broad experience in logistics domain and implementations accross key logistics industries

  • Courier & Distributions
  • Desktop Application with client & Server
  • 16 Companies
  • 1300 Users
  • Warehouse Management
  • Desktop Warehouse Management
  • 3 Companies
  • 190 Users
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Track and trace through GPS
  • 2 Companies
  • 70 Users
  • Trexfast SaaS
  • Logistics Platform

  • Cloud Based Platform
  • to Grow business Faster


With Trexfast you can plan, optimize, execute and settle global transportation movements while providing complete end-to-end control towards visibility and decision support. Want to get to know Trexfast better? Check out our demo

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